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Many imagine caviar to be the ultimate in unsurpassed luxury – the rarest gourmet food. Its names are charged with mystery: Beluga, Ossetra, Baeri. But we should never forget that caviar is, above all, a joyous food to be enjoyed with friends.'s one ambition is to make caviar far more widely accessible. We sell exclusively via the internet and so avoid the underlying costs of a network of stores. Our prices at are well below those of equivalent products available through traditional channels. Many caviar lovers come to us every day: they have really understood what's on offer. Buy online to get the best caviar at the very best price: the ideal combination.

Caviars does not sell any wild caviar. totally respects the CITES (Convention on International Trade of Endangered Species of Wild Flora and Fauna) rules: we only supply caviar from farm-raised fish. Our Beluga, Ossetra, Schrenckii and Gueldenstaedtii (also called Russian) caviars are all from sturgeons farmed in the very best fish-breeding farms of the world under the professional eye of renowned Iranian experts. From French caviar (known as Aquitaine) to Iranian caviar, and through to Chinese caviar from the furthest reaches of the River Amur, applies absolute rigour in the selection


CAVIAR PASSION was created on 12 December 2009. It was the initiative of serial entrepreneur, Paul Ferel: director, producer and man of the media. His love of caviar and his passion for the internet led him to take an ambitious bet – that he could sell caviar less expensively so that many more people could buy it. By overturning the traditional distribution chain, quickly became the lead player in the sale of caviar online. Thanks to its competitive pricing policy;


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