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Baeri Caviar

Baeri grains are both firm-textured and fragile at the same time. This is one of the most famous caviars. Its subtlety allows it to be appreciated as much by those who are newcomers to caviar as connoisseurs.

Baeri Caviar

Produced in the very best farms in the world, Baeri originated in Siberian waters. Its adaptability has meant that producers farming Acipenser Baerii sturgeons are among the best-known in the world.

Connoisseurs are seduced by its colour: a mix of anthracite greys and chestnut lights which demand to be enjoyed. Once in the mouth the little grains of Baeri caviar release delicate woody notes, associated with a subtle hazelnut flavour, all of which remind you of the tastes of both Ossetra.

Served either as an appetizer or an aperitif, Baeri caviar is a caviar of reference which is greatly appreciated in French cuisine.

In France, Baeri caviar is known as Aquitaine caviar. It is eaten on its own without any accompaniment. Use a small mother-of-pearl or horn spoon and delicately pick up those small special grains inside their tin, which will have been placed on a bed of ice piled high. Then revel in the enjoyment of the caviar. Delight guaranteed!