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Simplicity is an art

The truffle isn't a vegetable but a condiment. It is part of cooking. Use it sparingly to flavour your dish: 5 to 10g per guest and per plate. If the truffle is to be heated (in an omelette for example) that must be done at a low temperature. The truffle's fragile flavours will deteriorate rapidly at a high temperature.

The truffle can be used with butter to flavour grilled meat. Slice the truffle thinly and mix it with softened butter (twice as much butter as truffle). Put in the fridge for 2 or 3 days and then spread the perfumed butter on the meat … or even on a freshwater fish like trout. Perfect harmony. Alternatively use crème fraiche as the base instead of butter (first marinate for 10 hours) - then put it on tenderloin steaks.