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Eating Caviar - Magazine

Some caviar … and what else?

Caviar doesn't need anything special. It'll more than do on its own. Loaded with its own mythology, eating caviar is often accompanied by certain rites. Waiting for the day when it's to be eaten, it must be kept in the coldest part of the fridge (4°C). Once the tin has been opened, however, it must be eaten as quickly as possible (max. 24 hours). Wait 30 minutes for the chill to be taken off: when it's got to 10°C, caviar has the very best taste. Place the original packaging on a bed of ice. It will be inside something elegant to highlight caviar's rarety: mother-of-pearl, crystal or porcelain for example. To serve, put to one side all metals which would oxidise it. Instead use mother-of-pearl, wooden or even plastic spoons.

Caviar can be served on toast, on ordinary bread or on blinis. You can add a dot of unsalted butter ... but not salted since the caviar is already salted.

Caviar can also be used as part of a recipe to enhance the taste of something, such as potatoes, pasta or fish. But since it's so delicate and subtle, we advise that it is best eaten on its own, in as natural a form as possible.

As for drink, simplicity is again the order of the day. An iced vodka, without flavouring, would be ideal (see Vodka). Otherwise a dry champagne (see Champagne) or white wine would go really well. Definitely avoid any wine which may have distinctive aromas or flavours: they would 'compete' with the caviar and you would miss out on part of its opulence.

A small mother-of-pearl spoon, ice piled high … The eating of caviar must be done in accordance with its image: delicately. Learn how to enjoy this unique, refined luxury and respect the rules.

Choosing the right caviar Beluga, Baeri … every type of caviar has a different taste. A taste that each of us appreciates differently dependent on individual preference and desire.A breath of the sea, hazelnut taste, light citrus acidity … if this is the first time you've enjoyed caviar, we recommend you help your palate with this new taste by choosing a well balanced caviar which is not too iodised.

If you're eating on your own, start with a small quantity: 20 or 30g. If two of you want to share a special moment, a 50g tin may well be what you want … but can you resist doubling up to 100g?

When there are several of you, it'll be so exciting when each you in turn plunges your mother-of-pearl spoon into the tin which has no less than 125g ...

Keeping caviar 

Caviar is as sensitive as your taste-buds. That is why it's so important to ensure it is well preserved in a very cool place at between 0 – 4°C.

You risk changing its taste, if you remove it from its prestigious tin before, or while, being eaten.  Before eating, take it out of the fridge so it reaches a temperature of 8°C. That is the ideal temperature for enjoying its special smoothness, as well as the firmness of those small exploding grains releasing their incomparable flavour. To enjoy your caviar at its best, do not use metal spoons or plates. They would oxydise the taste of the grains which would then lose their incomparable flavours.

Carefully choose the bowl in which you will put your bed of piled-up ice, with the caviar tin as its centre-piece.

So everyone can enjoy the caviar, provide small mother-of-pearl or silver-gilt spoons to preserve the taste.Eating caviar must always be unique and intense moments: serve with champagne, chilled vodka or dry white wine.

The complex flavours will then be preserved for the sublime pleasure of all. You can also offer warm toasts or blinis.

Please never:

 Add lemon to your caviar since this will have a terrible effect on its flavour. 

Cook it or warm it. 

Insert the spoon into the pot of caviar vertically: that will break the grains. Always put it in slowly from the side.

Eat the Beluga Selection Caviar … And nothing else

With its great consistency and the way it melts in the mouth, this exceptional delicacy is as perfect for the lover of caviar as for the professional.So why take any risk of changing its refined flavour?When eaten on its own, caviar reveals its magic. 

Presented in its original tin, it should be eaten 30 minutes after being taken out of the fridge and put on a bed of ice.

So as to best preserve its multiple flavours and smoothness, the rules regarding storage must be respected. CAVIAR PASSION's Beluga Selection quality caviar is extremely delicate: care must be taken both before and while it is being eaten.

It is essential that caviar is kept at a temperature between -2°C and +4°C and eaten within 4 weeks. Once opened, eat it within 48 hours.

On its spoon, it's even better.  A small spoon made of mother-of-pearl, horn or even plastic, will not break the grains. Put them carefully on the tongue before rolling them around the mouth so as to experience the texture. Then allow these little divine balls to explode against the palate and release their flavours.

The membrane of the grains is very fine and can easily tear. It becomes easy to identify the many flavours of the sea and for them to melt deliciously in the mouth. TSARSKAYA GOLD premium vodka should be drunk with the caviar.