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Most people imagine that caviar is an inaccessible luxury. However, thanks to, 'Thinking About Caviar' is no longer a dream.

The question of the real price of caviar is often asked. Wherever in the world it's produced, everything depends on the farming conditions and, above all, the type of sturgeon from which the caviar comes.

At the price of caviar can vary from €1,656/kg for Baeri Selection caviar to €4,300/kg for Beluga Selection caviar. There's no 'generic' caviar price.

Wild caviar is really no longer sold today because of the CITES international agreement protecting endangered species and regulating export quotas. Wild caviar has therefore become very rare. It is now considerably more expensive than farmed caviar, which constitutes 80% of the world market.

Almas caviar ('almas' means diamond in Russian) is thought to be the most expensive caviar in the world. An Iranian white caviar from albino Beluga, it was once reserved for the Shah of Iran. Its price can reach €37,000/kg, depending on the silkiness of its texture and the lightness of its colour. As for Beluga caviar, the price/kg varies, dependent upon whether it is produced in Iran, Bulgaria or China.

When referring to the price of caviar, we talk of the price/kg. However, caviar is bought in tins which go from 20g to 500g. At the price of caviar starts at €35 for 20g of Baeri Selection.

The price of caviar varied greatly until the beginning of the 2000's. But since 2010 there has been much greater price stability.

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