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Champagne is made by a handful of experts in one particular place in the world. This makes it a rare, refined product. Here is some advice as to how best to enjoy drinking it.First the temperature. Serve your champagne cold – around 8°. An ice-bucket filled with ice is ideal. A vintage wine (millésime) should be a bit warmer: at 10 – 12° the complexity of its aromas will be revealed (that is the temperature at which it is kept in the cellar).

The cork must be taken out slowly – not with a loud bang. It's simple. First remove the wire cage (the muselet), then take the cork in one hand and turn the bottle on itself while holding it at the bottom. The cork will emerge on its own and it only needs to be helped out.

Finally the glasses. Regardless of the quality of the champagne, the bubbles will not cling to the glass if it has been washed in a dishwasher. A champagne glass must only be hand-washed ... and then drained without drying it.

Regarding the shape of the glasses, we recommend a wide enough flute so the bubbles can move about. Avoid champagne glasses that are too thin. Also avoid tinted glass which would deprive you of a view of its special colours. It is like a promise of the aromas that the wine will leave in your mouth.