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Difficulty:  facile
 Preparation: 10 min
 Cooking: 0 min

James Bond fans will know that the most famous secret agent in the world particularly appreciated a vodka-martini, mixed in a shaker. He drank one in almost every Bond film.

Even if 007 isn't a real gourmet, he does enjoy some special dishes, such as black crabs in 'Diamonds are Forever' or crayfish tails gratin in 'Doctor No'. James Bond particularly appreciated Beluga caviar which he would eat with toast or mixed with an egg-yolk.

James Bond's Beluga Caviar Toasts.

Ingredients for 4: 

  • 4 slices of rye bread, preferably square
  • 4 spoons from our Beluga Caviar Selection
  • 4 aperitif sticks, preferably made of silver


Put your bread in a toaster. If you have a pastry-cutter, do use it - it's always so much more refined. Otherwise cut the toast in four to make triangles.

Butter the toast. Place the spoons of Beluga caviar on it. Then serve.

You will love eating the magic grains of CAVIAR PASSION's Beluga Caviar Selection. Its buttery flavours, and its firm, creamy texture will enchant every James Bond fan … and everyone else too.