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 Vodka, the drink of the Tsars. We recommend you drink vodka to accompany your caviar or smoked salmon … even if, for the latter, champagne or white wine would be equally appropriate. Because vodka is a dry, strong alcohol with little taste, it will help awaken your palate and emphasise the caviar's flavours. Vodka should be kept in the fridge, brought to the table in an ice bucket (to avoid it warming up) and drunk from small glasses. Not a long drink, vodka's drunk in a single shot. So as to appreciate it at its best, breathe in deeply through the nose before emptying your glass … then breathe out through the mouth.

Vodka - the most consumed strong alcohol in the world – combines well with different flavours. It can be bought already flavoured (pear, lemon, cherry, strawberry etc) or be part of cocktails such as the 'Caipiroska' (lime, vodka and sugar), the 'Metropolitan (vodka, lime juice, cranberry juice and blackcurrant liqueur), the 'Vodka tonic', the 'Smirnoff Ice' (vodka, lemon juice and lemonade) or the 'Brown Russian' (vodka, coffee liqueur, milk and powdered chocolate).