Vodka Tsarskaya Original

Vodka Tsarskaya Original

TSARSKAYA "ORIGINAL" premium Vodka will become a jewel on your table, admired by all your guests.

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35,00 €

Opération Saint Valentin 2016

TSARSKAYA "ORIGINAL" Vodka, made in Saint Petersburg in accordance with the noble traditions of Imperial Russia, inaugurates the collection of premium Tsarskaya vodkas. Its exceptional taste perfectly complements the taste of caviar. Before bottling, TSARSKAYA "ORIGINAL" Vodka is allowed the time it needs to create its unique and exclusive taste. To complete this vodka’s elegance, each bottle is decorated with a reproduction of an engraving of Peter the Great. Your 50cl. bottle comes with two Vodka glasses. Drink in moderation, drinking too much is dangerous for your health.

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