Black Diamond Caviar

CAVIAR PASSION's new Diamond. All the delicious qualities of the highest quality caviar. Its purity and delicate flavours will seduce connoisseurs and lovers of special tastes.

Quantities per person

For 1: 20 or 30g

For 2: 50g

For 3: 100 or 125g

For 8: 200 or 250g

More details

41,25 €


55,00 €

Opération Saint Valentin 2016

BLACK DIAMOND, a recent discovery of CAVIAR PASSION, is a hybrid caviar from interbreeding two species of sturgeon (Acipenser Dauricus and Acipenser Schrenckii), just as with our Premium Selection and Imperial Selection caviars.


BLACK DIAMOND Caviar comes from native sturgeons (aged 8 – 10 years) which originated in China's River Amur, living in a semi-wild state in crystal-clear, totally unpolluted, freshwater lakes. These extremely favourable environmental conditions ensure their optimal development.

The grain, the taste, the flavours

The special feature of BLACK DIAMOND caviar is the Iranian experts' very strict selection of the largest bronze to black-coloured grains which have reached maturity. The taste, colour and size of the collected eggs all rather resemble Beluga caviar. Caviar-lovers will get a wonderful surprise when they discover this caviar. Its delicate flavours, and lightly buttered notes, spread about the mouth ... while their surprisingly long taste produces several thoroughly original and particularly fine sensations.

 Composition: Sturgeon eggs (fish) 96%, salt 3.7%, borax 0.37%. 

Average nutritional value (per 100g): Energy: 283 kcal - 1083 kj. Fat 19.1g of which 5.1g saturated. Carbohydrates: <0.1g of which sugar 0g Protein: 27.6g Salt: 3.3g, Sodium: 1093mg Fibre: 1.0g

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Keep in the refrigerator between 0 and 4°C (for not more than 3 months) and your caviar will always be perfect for eating. Once opened, a tin of caviar quickly loses its quality. So have just enough for all your guests: allow 20 - 50 grams per person.

When serving and eating caviar, always use mother-of-pearl cutlery, rather than metal. Serve cold, preferably on a bed of ice.

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