Cuillère à Caviar en nacre


This small accessory is indispensable for those who love their caviar.

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6,00 €

Opération Saint Valentin 2016

Caviar is such a subtle, delicate food that eating it is a real ceremony of taste(s). We recommend that you serve the caviar in the middle of an island of piled-up ice. The choice of spoon to plunge carefully downwards and find these small so-tasty grains is of equal importance. Any caviar lover will quickly let you know that eating caviar with anything other than a mother-of-pearl spoon is a serious mistake.

Enhancing the taste

Using a silver or stainless-steel spoon makes the caviar taste totally different: its subtle nuances are no longer detectable. A finely-made mother-of-pearl spoon, being a natural product, is a “must have”. As fragile and delicate as the sturgeons' eggs themselves, this small accessory is indispensable for lovers of caviar.

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